MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2018
7:00 P.M.

3310 North New Braunfels
San Antonio, Texas

PROGRAM:  Planning An Artistic Arrangement”

With our Spring Rose Show approaching on April 21st, some of you will want to be planning to create and enter Artistic Arrangements in that Division of the Show.  Some of us would like to think that Artistic Arrangements can simply be made on a “whim” – but not so!  Most require considerable planning ahead of time along with the collection of any accessories needed, etc.

Dana Huerta enjoys designing and creating through a variety of media.  Rose arrangements and textiles are among her favorite mediums.  Dana has loved sewing and gardening her whole life.  She made her first hand-made dress in 5th grade and planted her first rose garden when she and her husband (Dr. Vincent Huerta) moved into their first house in 1989.  In 2015, Dana attended a floral arranging workshop at the National Miniature Rose Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Since that time, Dana has studied the different forms of arrangements and the elements that go into a complete arrangement.  At our March meeting, Dana will discuss the planning necessary to create a winning artistic arrangement in our Rose Show, including the different styles, possible containers, filler materials and accessories that enhance an arrangement.  Come prepared to take notes and ask questions. 


New roses for 2018 are already out at most nurseries in San Antonio.  We would encourage you to shop early to get the “early pick” of plants being offered.  The roses that are out now should be in bloom by mid-April.  Those that have been “container grown” will be in bloom much earlier.

We encourage you to shop at nurseries that have faithfully been our Rose Society Sponsors:  Milberger’s Nursery, both Rainbow Gardens, The Garden Center Nursery,  and Fanick’s Garden Center.  We will have a team of volunteer rosarians at these nurseries on the dates shown in our calendar on page 8, to discuss growing roses in San Antonio, answer questions and otherwise assist customers in the rose area. 

When you shop, let them know that you are in the Rose Society,
and that we appreciate their support.

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