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San Antonio Rose Society

The San Antonio Rose Society of San Antonio, Texas, is a non-profit educational organization affiliated with the American Rose Society.

The rose is considered to be the queen of all flowers, and is our official national floral emblem. The objective of the society is to promote interest in all aspects of rose culture through a variety of educational programs and publications, rose shows, and rose-related community projects.

Membership is open to everyone who supports the objectives of the society. Annual membership to our rose society is $12 per family, which includes our monthly bulletin, "San Antonio Rose" and the SARS booklet, "How To Grow Roses". If you desire additional membership information or an application, please call one of the Consulting Rosarians or go to Membership for an application.

A Message from the Nominating Committee

Dear SARS Members,

The COVID virus has impacted all of us in many and different ways. We have lost loved ones, family members, and friends. Like the terrorist attack on 9–11, it has changed our way of living. Our lives have been “shut down” except for the most essential matters. It has made our Rose Society “inoperable”, except for the most essential communications. As the population continues to get vaccinated, and we continue to adhere to the safety precautions, we are hopeful that we can re-start our basic activities in 2022.

One of the more significant areas that was negatively impacted by COVID-19 was the election and installation of new officers for our Society. There is a process in our By-Laws which stipulates that we establish a Nominating Committee, chaired by the immediate Past President, which will present a slate of proposed officer candidates in October, to be voted on in November, and installed in December. Since we cannot have open meetings to do this process, we will endeavor to complete the process using e-mail messages and telephone calls.

At this time, we have established the Nominating Committee. We will begin to identify members and gain their consent to serve in the appropriate positions. We will use the SARS Newsletter and direct e-mail, as appropriate to gain member approval of the proposed candidates.

We are an active Rose Society. We have 51 members who have paid their dues, who expect and deserve something in return. Some of our current officers have agreed to serve another two-year term. We need members to fill the other positions and carry out the business of the society. You may be asked to serve, or you may volunteer to serve. The outgoing officers will certainly assist in transitioning newly elected officers into their positions. The procedures are not difficult nor terribly time consuming. So, if you would like to serve in one of the vacant positions, please let us know. If we should call you to gain your consent to serve, please say YES.

Meg Ware
SARS Chair, Nominating Committee

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American Rose Society